A note on Covid 19: Currently, we are navigating the strange world of birth support and COVID regulations right along with you. These regulations seem to be constantly changing, and we are hoping that the trend continues towards safely allowing vaccinated doulas back in birth rooms. I am fully vaccinated, and am comfortable supporting clients in person, though I may choose to wear a mask. 

If virtual support still feels the most safe for you, I have created a virtual version of my services  To find out more, please contact me. 




Free 1 hour interview available

This series of four private classes are offered in person in your home, or virtually via Zoom, and are based on Birthing From Within’s model of Birth As a Heroic Journey. Using our understanding of both ancient birth wisdom and modern birth practice we weave together a map of birth preparation that includes informational knowledge sharing, comfort measure practice, emotional birth preparation, empowerment for birth partners, and methods to prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma. We may create birth art, practice breathing and mindfulness techniques, explore hands-on coping, create a postpartum plan, examine fears and challenge rigid thinking. 

To find out more, please contact me.



BIRTH DOULA - $770-$2000

Free 1 hour interview available

A birth doula’s role is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to a birthing person. My goal is not to achieve a specific birth outcome, but to empower you to engage consciously with your preconceived ideas about birth and about yourselves in order to birth from a place of resilience and self-compassion.

In our prenatal time, I listen closely to your hopes and together we guide you to a place of readiness that includes the knowledge you need to navigate modern birth systems, but also the inner-resourcefulness that will allow you to face the unknowns of birth with curiosity and open-hearted acceptance, in preparation for parenting in the same spirit. I use a combination of art, story-telling, evidence based information and hands-on-practice. 

I provide continuous birth attendance with the goal of supporting your unique birthing style and preferences while also witnessing and reflecting the new strengths and resilience that will be emerging. 

For detailed packages and pricing please contact me.



POSTPARTUM DOULA - beginning at $35/hour

Free 1 hour interview available

A postpartum doula’s role is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to the postpartum parent and their newborn.  We partner closely with Well Maiden Doula and Healing Services to provide a variety of postpartum options. 

Katie is a certified INNATE postpartum provider and specializes in supporting the postpartum time. She is skilled in clinical postpartum support, offers postpartum classes and education, and offers lactation support and counseling. For detailed packages and pricing please contact Katie directly at wellmaidens@gmail.com.

I offer postpartum support on a limited basis as well. My main focus is to step into your postpartum time as a mentor and guide, to help witness and support your postpartum experience and soften the edges of what can be an intense transition  I do this by offering practical support to ensure your physical needs are met, gentle listening and exploration of deeper emotional needs that may be arising, and informational and resource referrals for any questions or concerns that may come up. My goal is for you to feel supported as a whole person, in your new role of parent.  I am careful to empower self sufficiency so that you feel capable and ready when our time together comes to an end.

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*These sessions are for anyone who would like to process a difficult birth experience: parent, partner, doula, friend or birth attendant. 


Even the most ordinary birth can leave us cracked open, raw, and vulnerable. Sometimes our unmet expectations bring feelings of disappointment. anger, shame, or resentment. Sometimes the journey of birth takes us through difficulties and complications that leave us reeling. Trained in the method of Birth Story Medicine by Pam England from Birthing From Within, our sessions offer deep listening and careful questioning that can help to gently excavate and gather the shattered bits so that you can move toward a place of transformational healing.



*These offerings are for anyone who is anticipating, experiencing, or would like to process a birth ending in illness or loss: parent, partner, doula, friend or attendant. 

When a pregnancy or birth ends with termination, illness, injury or loss there is special care to be taken. We can sit and hear your story with empathy and understanding, offer gentle coaching, provide companionship for difficult visits, and compassionate full-spectrum doula services. 

For more information please contact me.

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